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Links for Children:


Let’s make rainbows! Kids science experiment with Skittles. It also demonstrates that sugar and colour that gets released onto our teeth as soon as we put the skittles in our mouths - we should always brush our teeth after sweets!


“While we can’t Hug” a story The story is read: [ I’m not sure about the blowing kisses though!] And a chat from the author :


Signing Time- Let’s make friends!


Links for Parents:


The British Association for Early Childhood Education


The new EYFS Framework: statutory The Document:

The Vodcast about the new framework for PVIs and Childminders:


Development Matters: supporting the framework The document:

The Vodcast about the new development matters:


Birth to 5: supporting understanding of child development The new document from written by practitioners for practitioners which will also inform your understanding and judgements. [free to download]

The launch Video:



Mumsnet - A great parents' forum with many interesting links to other resources

Netmums - Another great parents' forum - is the market leading day nursery resource in the UK - is dedicated to exploring how babies, pre-schoolers and young children learn

The Royal College of Midwives - The Royal College of Midwives provides support and information to the UK midwifery sector and every midwife working there, NHS and private.

Infant and Toddler Forum - The Forum aims to provide healthcare professionals with practical help and information on infant and toddler nutrition and development.

National Day Nurseries Association - National Day Nurseries Association is a national charity which aims to enhance the development and education of children in their early years, through the provision of support services to members. It seeks to develop, encourage and maintain high standards in education and care for the benefit of children, their families and their local communities.

Baby Names - Not just a site for helping you choose a name for your baby but lots of other useful information too.

Government Links


HM Customs & Excise – Child Benefit

HM Customs & Excise – Childcare Vouchers & Tax Credits Calculator

HM Customs & Excise – Childcare

Every Child Matters

Change 4 Life

Parents Centre


Local Government Links

Harrow Families Information Services - useful link to Harrow Families Information

Herts Families - useful link to Hertfordshire Families Information Services

Islington Families - useful link to Islington Families Information Services

Croydon Familiesuseful link to Croydon Families Information Services




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